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We would like to share what our patients are saying about us. You may resonate with their stories of  sleeplessness, and find hope in their experiences of reclaimed, restful, refreshing sleep.


“I’ve never slept better. (I) wake up feeling more refreshed, Less foggy and dream much, much more! I “see” things much more clearly! I now look forward to sleeping!”
— M. Henderson

“After being diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, I tried a CPAP machine for a month, but it did not provide any relief for me. The sleep doctor referred me to Dr. Parker for an evaluation for possible use of an oral appliance. After the CPAP did not work, I was very skeptical of the effectiveness of an oral appliance. However, I found it made an immediate difference and I am now sleeping through the night and, after many years, I am actually feeling rested and able to stay awake during the day.”
— R. Henkel

“I have experienced a better night’s sleep and feel rested in the morning. I know it makes me a more pleasant person to be around at night. The snoring was affecting my family and their sleep. They noticed it before I did. I knew I woke up in the middle of the night and was tired the next day, but didn’t realize why. With the appliance I no longer snore, wake at night because I stop breathing, struggle through the day tired—wanting a nap. The appliance has made a difference in my life. I may have sleep apnea—but I feel in control of it, now.”
— B. Maue

“The very first night I used my oral appliance I did not snore and I slept through the night! The first night! By the end of the first week, my daily fatigue and fuzzy fog had lifted. I felt awake and rested for the first time since 1998. The real test came after 8 weeks of using my appliance. I had to go seven days without using it after I had 2 teeth pulled. I snored. I no longer slept through the night. I was exhausted during the day. This oral appliance has improved not only my chronic fatigue and snoring, but my overall quality of life!”
— K. Johnson

“Before I got my dental appliance, I was all but ‘dead’. I was unable to do much of anything but sit in a chair and sleep. And actually, I didn’t get much sleep because I kept waking myself up snoring. I couldn’t sleep at all at night, and spent them crying. I am a new person and ‘alive’ again, now wearing my dental appliance 6-7 hours every night. I no longer sit in a chair all day—I took up bike riding and am enjoying life to its fullest. Thank you Dr. Parker!”
— L. Simones

“I was diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea and first tried laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty. This procedure did help for a short period of time with snoring, however did not help the daytime sleepiness I was experiencing. I then tried the typical treatment of choice, the CPAP. The problem I experienced was a feeling of claustrophobia. I did get a more restful nights sleep but found myself not using the CPAP after several months. The best solution for me was an oral appliance developed by Jonathan Parker, D.D.S.. After a short adjustment period, my snoring has stopped and I’m experiencing a great night’s sleep. I only wish I would have tried the oral appliance first before going through the other recommended procedures.”
— Gerry Erickson

“I have suffered with sleep apnea most of my life. Since I’ve begun using the oral appliance that Dr. Parker prescribed, my life has changed in many ways. I haven’t slept this deeply and felt this rested since I was a child! My mood has brightened tremendously, not to mention everyone else’s in the house, who also were sleep deprived because of my snoring! The appliance is comfortable and easy to wear. It’s been a Godsend for me. Thank you!”
— Barbara Graham

“I have been using the oral appliance for seven years. Prior to then, I wasn’t sleeping very well. My wife would poke me and tell me to breathe and to roll over to eliminate the snoring. Since I started using the oral appliance, I breathe all night and the snoring has all but been eliminated. We are all sleeping better now!”
— Del Audette

“I was fitted for an oral appliance in mid October and began wearing it the first week of November. I have experienced dramatic changes from wearing the appliance. I wake up feeling more rested than I’ve ever felt. My wife now is able to get a good night’s sleep from my not snoring. I am experiencing very little discomfort adjusting to wearing this appliance. I truly feel that because of this appliance my sleep apnea is totally controlled and would recommend it for anyone suffering from sleep apnea.”
— David Dalzell

“I am sleeping much better and awake feeling more rested. Even more important, my snoring has virtually disappeared. My wife and I like to travel and since I have been using the oral appliance, my wife is enjoying the results in the form of uninterrupted sleep for her. No problem sharing a hotel room!! The only entities that are suffering are the ear plug manufacturers.”
— Ed Agranoff

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